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Our Story

We Help Protect You and Your Family with Affordable Quality, Life, Health Insurance, Credit Repair, and Wholistic Development (Professional, Personal, and Spiritual) Services to Fit You and Your Family Needs. 

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About Us 

INCREASE and PROSPERS CONSULTANT SERVICES uses Customized Financial, Spiritual, Personal, and Professional Development Tools to Help You Live Your Wholistic Best Life. Whether you’re searching for Life or Health Insurance or need help Repairing or Building Your Credit Score, Reducing Stress, Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Body, or looking to Be Your Own Boss, we’re the company to call. All of our services are available to clients across the US. Schedule your call today:

Get to Know the CEO, Cynthia Prospers

Cynthia Prospers is a military, retired veteran. She completed over 20 years of honorable service with the United States Navy. Ms. Prospers is a published author and keynote speaker.

Cynthia is the CEO of INCREASE and PROSPERS CONSULTANT SERVICES and a Licensed Insurance Producer, specializing in Empowering People Wholistically, to "Rise from their Ashes and be Fruitful and Multiply" through areas of Financial Services (Life, Health, and Mortgage Protection Insurance, Annuities, and Credit Building/Repair), Professional (Goal Setting and Action Steps, Career Counseling, and Business Opportunities), Personal Development (Body Fitness Transformation, Goal Setting, and Action Steps), and Spiritual ( Self- Identity, and Mindfulness), Consulting.

Additionally, she is the proud mother of five US Military veterans.


INCREASE and PROSPERS CONSULTANT SERVICES are here to help you rise from the ashes and/or become a better version of yourself. Learn how to retell your story, overcome your limiting beliefs, and live your life potential to the fullest.